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A bit about Static

Static 88.1fm is AUT's student radio station, run by students of the Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in radio. The students are involved in the day-to-day operation of the radio station, including managing the station, developing the play list, writing and producing all elements of on-air content and also promoting the station.

Playing a large range of contemporary alternative music, Static broadcasts in inner city Auckland and around the world online.

Static is aimed at 18-29 year old students, inner city workers, apartment dwellers and cafe patrons who are socially active, trendy and media savvy. They like to purchase affordable food, clothes and pop culture and enjoy spending time with their friends attending bars, clubs and gigs.

Static is driven by the student's passion to provide Auckland with a vibrant and entertaining radio station. This is achieved by the variety of dynamic on-air personalities and the strong music-focused format. Static is also a staunch supporter of New Zealand music, which makes up a large percentage of its play list.

Static; refreshingly unique to satisfy your needs for an entertaining, informative and creative radio station.

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